1. Our Services

Corporate Biographies & Coffee Table Books, Writing & Communication Projects, Editorial & Ghostwriting Projects, CSR Campaigns & Content, Employee & Consumer Engagement projects, Training & Development Content, Talks & Workshops.


2. Storytelling Programs for Corporate & AcademiA

Enrolment from academia and/or corporate houses only, for objective based skill development programmes.

3. The Writing Programme

For individual enrolments. A six week certified course conducted in collaboration with reputed publishers and their authors. Here participants get to learn writing and developing their stories.

4. The Editing Programme

For individual enrolments. Many submissions are rejected for bad editing. A three week certified course to learn self editing and analyse rejections.


5TMYS Review

Popularising stories from academic research and social significance with influencers from corporate, academic and journalistic worlds. Led by professors from India, USA and UK, TMYS Review drives an intellectual environment for critical thinking through scholarly and creative writing. It engages scholars with the stories of the contemporary era. Available on Amazon.

6. Our books

THE STORY PROJECTS and THE POETRY PROJECTS. Stories & Poems curated under specific prompts, also includes author and achiever  interviews on the theme. Available on Amazon.

7. Web Publication

Short stories and poems for digital consumption. Open access.

8Musical Reads

Mini stories uploaded on Youtube with music.

Our Projects

9. COME HOME PAPA project

Supported by GOI, sponsored by Mahindra Truck and Bus – a Road Safety & Women’s Education campaign where truck driver’s daughters wrote stories of their father’s struggles on the road.

10. Lockdown Art for COVID affected Children

In collaboration with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a student-led fundraising event where children came together to submit their lockdown art and contributed for the welfare of their underprivileged friends.

10. The Winter Retreat

A digital literary carnival over two weekends in Dec 2020.

Talks & Conversations

11. TMYS Academy

Series of web conversations with digital thought leaders from academia, journalism, literary and corporate worlds.