Koral Dasgupta is an Author, Entrepreneur, Professor,  Painter. She is known for writing relationship dramas and art-fiction. She is also a Professor (Marketing, Communications, Creative Writing).  she hosts a popular podcast show. Her paintings are auctioned/sold for social causes.



Tuhin A. Sinha,

Author, Screenplay writer, Politician


Friends & Supporters

R. Madhavan,

Actor, director,  producer


Kiran Manral,

Author, journalist


Raj K. Mitra,

Film-maker, Author, Journalist, Corporate leader


Dedicated team for TMYS Review

Chief Conversationalists for TMYS Academy


Project Associates

All our projects have students playing a very vital role, ranging from content leadership to project assistance to editorial functions. While this enables us to stay in touch with fresh thoughts and sensitivities of the upcoming generations, our initiatives lend learning and literary entrepreneurship experience to the interns. The format brings in a culture of two-way learning, without hierarchical barriers.

If any student wants to engage with us for internship, please approach us by using the contact form.