Customized Workshops, Conferences and Talks 

audience: corporate, business and/or academic community 

Duration: as per the requirement of the client and the learning goals

Delivery model:  digital only - through activities, case studies, interactions, AV analysis.


The Learning Environment: 

1. Generous with humour and storytelling, the learning sessions cite instances and observations from life, people and situations. 

2. Every workshop/talk stimulates collective thinking powered by individual strengths to trace the path for behavioural, emotional or intellectual transformation.

3. One common goal we pursue during our hours is, inspiring the audience to think individually, react strategically, so as to collaborate collectively.4. We prefer to engage in objective based training with a strong goal and measurable target. 

1. Leadership and Communication
2. Inclusivity & Diversity
3. Interpersonal Relationships and Empathy
4. Ownership at Work, Bond with the Brand
5. Behavioural Competencies
6. Crisis Management - personal, social, professional, organisational
7. Conflict Management
8. Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking
9. Mythology and Management
10. Leadership and Popular Media

11. The Happiness Quotient

12. Interpreting NO!

13. Gender Sensitization: interpreting touch, consent, behaviour


We have worked with:

DY Works, Credit Suisse, MediaCom, Airtel, NTPC, Durham University, Brown University, SIMC, St. Stephen's College, JECRC University, Karnavati University, Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School, among others.



Koral Dasgupta & Somrita UrnI Ganguly


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