TMYS Review - September 2020 is our second issue carrying stories and essays under six defining sub-categories of adolescent's issues. Contributors are from India and the US. Editorial by Dr. Subhajit Sen Gupta. The categories (click for abstracts and excerpts) are as below :

1. Existing Social Order and its Meaning in the Minds of Teens

2.  Social Interactions and Friendship for Security and Personal Validation

3. Gender Identities Through the Lenses of Teens

4. Social Imageries and LifeWorlds in the Backdrop of Religious Festivals

5. Understanding, Feeling and Responding to Deprivation, in the Teen World

6. Fear Factor in Teens : Social, Cultural and Psychological


Guest Reviewers :

Dr. Jo Moran-Ellis

Dr. Alf Gunvald Nilsen

Dr. Protim Sharma

Dr. Dharmeshwari Lourembam


Contributors (Essays) :

Dr. Rabiya Yaseen Bazaz, Ahsan Raza Khan, Tehzeeb Anis, Bhawesh Pant, Jenya Wadhwani and Dr. Abhilasa Kaushik (by invitation)

Contributors (stories) :

Ayushmaan Mukherjee, Aritri Biswas, Ritika Sahay, Arushi Sen, Malayka Singh, Insha Faridoon, Avisweta De, Krishna Agarwal, Aishani Biswas, Prithvish Baidya, Samriddhi Jain, Gilmore D'silva.


Special Thanks :

Dr. Mohammad Akram


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