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Our Speakers

Prof. Robin Dunbar, Anthropologist and Professor, University of Oxford on HUMOUR IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA & HUMAN STORIES
Dr. Rion Scott (author and professor, Department of English, University of Maryland) on HAIR, RACE, REPRESENTATION IN WRITING
Dr. Fiona Sampson (Poet, Writer, Professor of Poetry at Roehampton University) on POETRY OUT LOUD - The Primacy of Sound and Silences.

A virtual knowledge-bank with intellectual and creative leaders from academic, entertainment and corporate world. An attempt to analyse stories as an emotion and as a business, under one learning umbrella.

Sessions will discuss the skills of storytelling and storyteller, technical aspects of writing, translation into multiple presentation formats and languages, attitude of the audience, and more. Panels will also explore how learning can be sourced and applied creatively instead of staying confined in text-books or rule-books. Life has a lot to give. Are we conscious enough to take? 

A virtual summit to stimulate intellectual empowerment through unique story-based talks that help innovate learning content for participants in education & industry.

Experience our esteemed speakers and subject-matter experts, talking for this innovative intervention in learning & storytelling. 

Our Conversationalists :
Kanchana Banerjee (author)
Shelly Bhoil (Poet and research scholar)
Deepak Chawla (author, management professional, educationist)
Queen Sarkar (professor, researcher)
Ritamvara (student)
Koral Dasgupta (author, entrepreneur)