Founded by Koral Dasgupta, TMYS inspires social engagement and behavioural change for Inclusion and Diversity through storytelling and literature.


The ​gender ​binary from ​cultural​ history has suffered many centuries of regressive stereotyping in popular narratives. ​This includes the​ image of the man (imposing a macho identity), woman (often with sexist undertones) and womanly (applies to all genders).​ ​They impress that ​​the 'ideal' ​women ​is timid, obedient, silent and sacrificing.​ The contemporary status of women ​is​ often conditioned by the perceived cultural preferences.​ 

In every culture, the children hear the stories of myth,​ ​religion and history which shape their imagination and pride for origin. They​ ​hear about the bravery of men rescuing weak women from great dangers. At a​ ​tender age they are fed with pride and belonging towards only one section of​ ​the society. Later as adults, when they are expected to exhibit inclusive behavior, they respond as activists and not as believers.  

Our projects are primarily student run with a predominant women force and men aiming gender equality. 


  1. To inspire a rethinking on the cultural identity of Indian women (and men too from their perspectives) so that the vast history of feminine leadership gets their due recognition. 
  2. To relate the past with the contemporary and help people locate themselves in the rich history that sometimes seems distant due to the underrepresented narratives of women's struggles for emancipation.
  3. Foster ​​individuals ​who are logically informed​,​​ more empathetic, more creative and ​inclusive​ decision makers.



  1. ​Bring ​together the cultural and contemporary, ​revisiting the stories of the past with modern sensibilities​. 
  2. P​ublishing personal stories about a place or time ​which ​are important contributors through which history can be recorded and evolution can be explained.​
  3. Conscious exposure and involve​ment​ with such ​recordings to inspire an intellectual empowerment through gender sensitivity.



India (60-70%), USA, UK, UAE, Australia and Canada.



a. Leverage literature to design and execute extensive learning programmes

b. Make a conscious attempt to engage people with the stories of the contemporary era.

c. Launch projects that bring together the industry, academia and media. 

d. Inspire critical thinking and creative writing. 

e. Curate knowledge banks through panel discussions with global thought leaders  for cultural  exchange and   reducing mind blocks.

f. Popularize academic thoughts/research among the mainstream audience. 


OUR WORKs can be accessed here.


Mahindra Truck & Bus.  University of Birmingham.  YORK UNIVERSITY. NTPC.  Pan Macmillan.  Oxford University Press. Akshaya Patra Foundation.  Simon & Schuster India.  Rupa Publishers. She The People.  Niyogi Books.  Readomania. Environmental Humanities Center (Amsterdam). GLOBAL SOUTH COLLOQUIUM, UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA.

Media Coverage

Vision :


To popularise stories from Personal Memories and academic research that document WOMEN'S history of a generation.

MISsion :


To spark GENDER SENSITIVITY By ENGAGING A community through creative WRITING & critical thinking.



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