A Creative Writing Workshop

Duration: 6 Weeks, Online

Classroom Mentorship on Weekends

Creative Writing and Critical Thinking

Ideas Generation, Plotting and Character Sketching

Regular Feedback on Writing, Ideas, Characters




* Registration for each week will close on Friday and the workshops will begin immediately with the applicants who register by Friday. The same will repeat every week.

* The participants will develop systematic writing practices and habits that make progress easier & exciting.

* Registration is subject to payment of the programme fee and required documents.

* Scroll down for Registration rules


Choose Your Story Theme from the following:

1. The Magic School:

A school for witches and wizards and other supernatural beings.

The story will cover how they navigate through classes, exams, and magical mishaps.

2. Time Travel Adventure:

A story about traveling to the past or future and exploring the fun adventures that unfold, and also the tough situations one lands into.

3. Dream Vacation:

A story of an ultimate dream destination, which is a fictional place. The participant will have to imagine what all will be included there and how they are interesting.

4. The Legend of a Lost City:

Tale of a legendary city lost somewhere and found by an individual or group. What happens thereafter? What are its treasures?

5. Haunted House Mystery:

A haunted house and its secrets, of people who lived and their truth within its walls.

Explore the reality of the spirits - imagine their problems and their powers.





The Writing Programme will work with the applicants on:

•Understanding the Theme.

As described above.

•Plot Construction and the Story.

Identify your personal strengths as a storyteller and enhance the story using those attributes.

•Research & Writing.

The same story can be told in many ways. Information processing becomes critical. How a story is told defines its readership and relatability.

•Character Development.

Learn to effectively use imagination, observation and memory to create realistic characters that stay long after the story is over.

•Drama and Dialogue.

Elements of drama and intelligent use of dialogues can make or mar a story. Learn about the stereotypes. Discover your own voice.

•Reading and Discussions.

Joint reading and discussion of each other's writing and referring to the works of renowned authors - learning the writing techniques and sensitivity.


A lot is seen but not necessarily observed. Minute observations and responses to people or situations add many dimensions to a story if they blend well with the plot.

•Finishing and Finalization.

Any form of art, be it painting, cooking, or writing, requires certain finishing touches. These include, and aren’t limited to, sharpening, polishing, and editing your work. All that glitters is NOT gold!


The rewards:

• All participants will receive a Letter of Completion (digital) from TMYS on successful and timely completion of the course-work.

• The stories developed under the programme will be published.

• Selected participants will be awarded a gift hamper, based on their merits and sincerity.

* Subject to sincere participation and completion of the workshop by the participant.

* Decision of the faculty will be final.

* Scroll down for Registration rules.


Programme Mandates


1. The programme will require participants to attend online meetings/workshops once a week.

2. Timely completion of tasks is mandatory. The tasks will require approximately 2-4 hours per week, depending on the existing skills of the applicant.

3. All other details, along with the course schedule, will be emailed to the applicants post registration.


For Registration:


Registration fee is INR12,000/- for participants from India and USD 250/- (all inclusive) for participants outside India. 

Mode of Payment

• For participants residing in India:  Payable in advance by NEFT.

Bank details:

Tell Me Your Story OPC Pvt. Ltd.
A/c no : 059685800000177, Yes Bank.  Branch - Shankardhan Plaza Junction,  MM Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400080, IFS Code : YESB0000596.


pay via Paypal - interest charges extra. (You don't need a Paypal account, this allows you to swipe a card.)

• For participants residing outside India and foreign nationals:

USD250/- all inclusive, payable in advance by Paypal.

Email us at tmysacademy@gmail.com for the Paypal link.

The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Applicants must register along with

1. payment receipt against the registration fees

2. an updated bionote of not more than 100 words

3. a photograph.

4.  social media handles of the participant as applicable - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram

5. the theme you selected to work on must be mentioned in the subject line.

The above must be emailed to tmysacademy@gmail.com




Dr. Somrita Urni Ganguly


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For queries, please email us at tmysacademy@gmail.com

Kindly excuse us if we do not respond to queries that are already addressed here. We expect the applicants to read the above thoroughly.




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