‘I am confident that this project will inspire more such innovative initiatives on road safety where the messaging involves family members and reaches a far wider audience than what we have managed so far.’

Nitin Gadkari - Minister for Road Transport, Highways


‘This is a very imaginative and valuable initiative, the first ever book of stories on road safety by daughters of truck drivers. A wonderful testimony to the fears and hopes, the joys and sorrows, and above all, the deep connection between these girls and their fathers.’

Anand Mahindra, Chairman – Mahindra Group


'My prayers and best wishes for more and more daughters of the truck driver’s community to make their dream a reality and leave a stamp of class and courage, by forging ahead against all odds.'

Amitabh Bachchan, Actor


'To an initiative with such an endearing title and such a beautiful cause, here’s wishing those strong daughters who are making a bright future against all odds and here’s to their immense love for their fathers! Kudos to the father-daughter spirit. And here’s wishing the lovely daughters all the very best for their endeavours. And to their papa’s, just to say…come home safely to your daughters.'  

Divya Dutta, Actor


'#ComeHomePapa is a very important campaign. We need to follow safety measures because it is someone's family member who is getting harmed. This could be us or our family members too. Please don't drink and drive. Don't speed on the highways. Take Road Safety seriously.'

Varun Dhawan, Actor




From the stories :


‘Papa has spent all his life making a thousand sacrifices silently and struggled to ensure that no discomfort touches his family. He says he doesn’t feel bad that he didn’t save much money, because it went into the education of his daughters. We realise that and so we study well because it makes him happy.’

From the story ‘My Papa’ by Bersha Kumari


‘The ghosts of this incident still chase us. If my father doesn’t come back home in time, my mother’s face goes pale while waiting for him. Many times we are unable to contact him as he would be driving in remote areas with bad network. We spend sleepless nights waiting for him and when he returns we heave a sigh of relief.’

From the story ‘My Papa’ by Bersha Kumari


‘My father plans his travel in advance, based on the area he will be driving through. This way he can pass through forest areas during the daytime, minimising chances of road robbery, or attacks by wild animals, or getting stuck in a lonely deserted area in case of a breakdown... unpredictable dangers lurk in the lives of truck drivers. Father often shares experiences from his life and the lives of his driver friends. They sometimes send a chill down my spine.’


From the story ‘Lessons of the Road’ by Maganti Lavanya









Every book sold will help raise funds for the welfare and education of more daughters of truck drivers. Spread the word, read the book, support the girls.


Problem Statement : Truck drivers are the worst sufferers of accidents, road blockages, ill & inhumane treatments, long sleepless journeys, bad payments & defaulted payments, alcohol issues, prejudices and many other evils.

Objective of the brand : To connect with the truck drivers who drive their business.

Our Solution : Scholarship winning daughters of truck drivers were identified. They are the aspirants or pursuant of MBA, MBBS, IAS, Engineering, etc.

These daughters were invited to espouse the cause of Road Safety for their fathers. These stories are seeking justice and safety, asking people to treat their fathers with compassion, dignity and empathy for their contribution towards the transport economy.

Causes Attached : Road safety and Women's Education

The Impact : The noble initiative was welcomed by one and all. While these stories moved the masses, we found support from Amitabh Bachchan, Varun Dhawan, Divya Dutta, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Amaryllis Publishing, joining hands on the way to make the campaign bigger.

Insights : The stories pointed out the financial issues and exploitations they face. The brand is working towards the development of these truck drivers, but unless there is financial education, life in this economic sector won’t improve. The project advocated financial education as CSR focus.