Editorial Vision :

To curate a unique think tank where academic commentaries by established and emerging scholars from Humanities will interpret the voice of the contemporary generation through their stories. An inter-disciplinary digital quarterly aiming cross-culture and cross-continent learning exchange.

To popularise stories from academic research and of social significance, enhancing community engagement with issues of global concern, applicable to India.


The MastHead


Advisory Board :

Prof. Tom Lutz

Prof. Samita Sen

Prof. Manu Bhagavan

Prof. Rochona Majumdar


Editorial Board :

Prof. Sharbani Banerjee

Prof. Anindita Chatterjee

Prof. Protim Sharma

Dr. Nilanjana Chatterjee

Prof. Sourav Banerjee 


Series Editor :

Prof. Sourav Banerjee


Copy Editors :

Chandna Singh Nirwan

Deyasini Roy


Guest Editors :

Prasun Chatterjee  Sarmila Paul  Rianka Sarkar

Sanchaiyata Majumdar



Story Consultant

Kiran Manral


Concept & Creative :

Koral Dasgupta