Who Am I?

    “Who am I?”

    Cries delusional disappointment

    From the other side of silent silences.


    “It is I!” replies the forgotten folklore

    Soaked to its bone with the mythography of

    Amnesia and madness.


    “It is I!” cries the fallen leaf

    Which was born “x” billion years ago

    In the shared womb of a strange sameness,

    In the throes of the same tragic groans and moans,

    Which delivered or vomited the Universe into being

    Identifying and relinquishing its cosmic responsibilities.


    “It is I!” cried the Mother,

    Burying her new-born babe under the

    Shade of the weeping willows.


    “It is I!” screamed the stars

    Asserting the words most hallowed.


    “It is I!” whispered my heart

    Recognising the art of the self

    Continually being woven of the threads of

    Myriad miracles….




    Poet: Aishwarya Das Gupta

    Aishwarya works at the Department of English, Calcutta Girls’ College. She has recently completed her MPhil from the University of Calcutta. Her poems have found homes in various national and international collections. Her first anthology of poems entitled Becomings has been published by Hawakal Publishers.



    Mantashan Matin says (Feb 27, 2023):

    I really love it ☺️ A strong pathos of lost identity and the urge to identify one self is running throughout the poem. Looking forward for more.....


    Taiyaba jabeen says (Feb 27, 2023):

    Soo much truth in your wonderful , touching words.....😌loved it❤ keep growing

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