To Life in its Pink

    To sing songs of love

    To sprawl in lushes green

    To spatter in raindrops

    To Life in its Pink.


    When the monsoon arrives

    Run out and play,

    Fall in mud, embrace the muck

    Spool in grounds and make houses of clay

    For these days will not return

    Pray hard as you may.


    Chirp with the birds

    Lay with the pets

    Roll on the carpets 

    Left and right

    Doodle on the walls

    Jump in the puddles 

    Splash the cake 


    You heard me right!


    These seasons of fun 

    Are timed, my dear friend. 

    Make each moment count 

    For these are memories to recount.

    As the sun sets below the horizon

    These days drop one by one.

    A meadow green, a half-dried well

    Become images of dismal.

    Heart longs to retreat to pastures green

    Only if time could be a machine.


    This nostalgia hits me hard

    I enter an abyss small and dark. 

    As I ponder over the golden days of my prime, 

    My son pulls my hand in the mud and grime 

    He chuckles and I wonder

    Oh! What a sweet gift it is to have a child

    Who takes you back to your innocence sublime.



    Poet : Chandna Singh Nirwan

    Chandna is an academician, an author and a thinker. She did her Masters in English from Christ University (2011-13), Bangalore and is pursuing PhD in English from NIT, Jaipur. She cleared NET (English) in April 2016. Chandna has also authored a book titled An Ecocritical Reading of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. This book is a result of her research in the field of ecocriticism. It takes into account the symbiotic relationship humans share with nature, with the ecosystem as the heart of universe as opposed to the egotistical, self-centered attitude of mankind. Presently her areas of research are Dalit literature, myth and folklore.


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