The Holocaust

    Aviva couldn’t go to sleep in the middle of the night. She just knew that something was going to go wro-KABANG! There were savage yells when Aviva realized that she was in the middle of the Holocaust. Her brother, Adam, who was two years younger than her at 7, jolted awake. He was too young to know what the sound was or where it was coming from. All he knew was that it was not a sound that meant good things. Father Aaron and Mother Chaya just then came rushing into the room. “Come on, the Nazis are here! We need to get to the attic!” yelled Father Aaron They’re knocking on the door right now!”

                No explanation was required. Aviva, stifling tears, grabbed Adam’s arm and ran behind her parents to the attic’s trapdoor. Father Aaron grabbed the ladder, but it didn’t work. It was stuck, not being oiled in years. They needed to get into the attic now, or they would be taken to the Dachau Concentration camp. They were trapped in the middle of Czechoslovakia when the Nazis had invaded, and they couldn’t get out. Even though it was a small house, they had managed. The Nazis never came to their town much, and when they did, Aviva’s neighbors had lied about their heritage.

                But now, the Nazis were purging Czechoslovakia of its Jews. They had received an anonymous tip that Jews lived in this house. They didn’t have time. Aviva knew she had to do something, or else her family would be killed. She rushed down the stairs. “AVIVA!” screamed her father, but it was in vain.

    Aviva was set on making sure her family was safe. She ran through the house and upturned, smashed, and generally caused chaos everywhere, making it seem like no one lived there. The Nazi soldiers started breaking down the door, now, and Aviva took up a position to distract the Nazis. Aviva glanced at her parents, and told them with her eyes what they had to do. They understood what they had to do and tentatively began climbing into the attic, though they were all sobbing, and Aviva’s mother refused to go at first. Aviva yelled “COME ON, YOU COWARDS!!!” at the soldiers.

                Something flowed through her, and she somehow dodged the hail of bullets aimed at her. She ran and scrambled for what seemed like hours, but her luck ran out. She took a bullet to the arm, and screamed in agony. One of the Nazis picked her up, and his stinking breath made her cringe. “Who else lives here?” he demanded.


    “Just me and my brother, but he’s gone now,” she lied, making it sound believable. 

    She knew she was going to die, but she would die in satisfaction, knowing she saved her family. A bullet soon fulfilled her destiny.



    Author : Ayushmaan Mukherjee

    Ayushmaan is a fourth grader and part of the gifted and talented programme in the Bridgewater school district of New Jersey in the United States. He takes keen interest in Maths and has own several awards in multiple contests across the country. He is very inquisitive and is an avid reader on almost all topics under the sun. During his leisure he likes to play chess and works on creative projects using recycled materials. Recently he has developed a passion for writing.


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