Forever Yours

    Narrator : Ashu


    PART 1 : The Life of Every Party

    “Dimpy! Dimpy! its already 7 am, wake up! This girl always has to run to office skipping breakfast.” Ma yelled from the kitchen.

    “Yes Ma, five minutes more, please,” I replied.

    And now it was my turn to wake up Avi. “Avi, please wake up, you would be late to office. Ma has made your favorite breakfast today.”

    "Just five minutes Ashu darling, I will just be there,” and in no time Avi  woke up to the aroma coming from the kitchen.

    And then the brother sister duo, would be in fast motion getting ready to office, bumping into each other right from brushing teeth to taking bath and at the breakfast table. Both would fight to go first, and then finally we would leave the house together in a hurry! It was a normal practice for Avi who used to drop Dimpy at her office first and then move on to his.

    This is the usual scene on every weekday. Ma is the alarm clock for all of us. She has the habit of waking up early, taking bath and then enter kitchen. Without bath, she never  starts with her daily chores. She  then lights the diya placed near the altar of our deity.

    Though I set my alarm clock daily, I usually wake up with the aroma of the *‘agarbattis’  that Ma lights. Aaahhhhh, divine ! It gives me a kick to wake up from my bed and then I too step into the kitchen to help Ma with her daily chores.

    Whenever I see Dimpy and Avi fighting like kids with each other, it always takes me back to my maternal home where me and my sister also used to fight like cats and dogs. Our Maa used to intervene to sort out our fights but finally she would give up and leave it to us. We too used to pester our mom like Dimpy did, but now I have learnt to set my own alarm and be responsible. But when it comes to our own Mom, who cares? We always have had an extra edge at our maternal place, especially after marriage.

    Dimple, fondly known as Dimpy, is a beautiful soul, a girl who can be herself, who smiles all the time and can also melt your heart with her smile. One who is strong enough to let go of any pain and create a happy and lively atmosphere for everyone around her. A girl whose personality speaks and would make you fall for her. Such was Dimpy!  A very happy go lucky girl, who lived her life to the fullest.

    Tomorrow being Saturday, Dimpy had her weekly off from office and so she was super happy as she could sleep for long hours as she wished. No one would bother her to wake up early and be ready on time. To top that, her favorite program ‘Super hit songs’ also used to get telecasted at 7 pm every Saturday on DD 2 Channel, for which she used to wait eagerly. She never missed - in fact, we both never missed - a single telecast of this show as we loved music and dance too! So weekend used to our day as we both would eat, sing, dance and hang out together.

    The clock struck 7 pm and Dimpy left the task she was into mid-way and switched the TV on. “Ma don’t call me now, I’m busy”. Ma just smiled.

    We both sat glued to the television. The program started and Dimpy kept humming all the songs that were getting played. Suddenly she jumped from the couch she was seated on, looking for her mobile. She ran from one room to another but couldn’t trace her mobile.

    “What do you want Dimpy, can I help?”

    “Nothing **Bhabi, Oh here it is, I found it. Love you Bhabhi”, saying this she kissed on my cheek and then dialed some number from her mobile and ran towards the TV.

    “Bhai, our favorite song,” yelled Dimpy with excitement and they heard the song together. “How nice isn’t it, I was waiting for this song only”.

    Crazy Dimpy, crazy for Avi. I feel so happy for Avi to have been blessed with such a lovely sister. Their thoughts, choices, looks everything matched. Being the youngest at home too, she was pampered a lot by all of us. At times, I have seen them fighting like kids and not talk to each other for days. But then her one smile  was enough to melt Avi’s heart & they would be one soul again!

    Dimpy had lost her father a few years ago and it took time for her to come back to terms and accept the fact that her pillar of strength was no more. From then onwards, she would always look up to Avi, who had shouldered the responsibilities of his family after their father’s demise. He was a great support to Dimpy and Ma.

    Dimpy was very different from other girls, very enthusiastic, chirpy, bubbly, she won the hearts of everyone wherever she went.  She did not excel much in studies but soon after her father’s death, she had taken up a small job in a private firm to support her family. Not only at home, but even in office she was the apple of every eye! No celebration in office would be complete without her charm. Be it birthday or farewell, she used to ensure that all the arrangements were in order and she kept no stone unturned to make it a grand event.

    Bhabhi tomorrow is my friend’s birthday party, Can I borrow your tee pleaseeeee? I just love the Aqua color tee and its pattern. You know, just to impress someone,” winked Dimpy, “Hehe just joking”.

    “You can Dimpy, you need not take my permission.”

    “Thank you so much Bhabhi, you are the best ! “

     “Dimpy, your Bhai’s birthday too is fast approaching, I would like to buy something for him and surprise him, will you join for shopping tomorrow?”

    “Oh yes my dear Bhabi, let’s go, you know he likes lavender color a lot, I shall tell you all his tastes and choices, he will feel happy if you gift him this, that,” and so her chatterbox went on and on.

    It was just couple of months that I and Avi had been married. We had an arranged marriage and were still trying to get to know each other, our tastes, likes, dislikes. Dimpy was always a great support and company for me and never made me miss my home!



    PART 2 : More Than Friends

    Dimpy reached office late today. She had gone to the University to fill up the forms for pursuing further studies through correspondence course.

    “Dimpy, the boss was asking about you, why didn’t you inform him”?

    “Don’t ask me anything now Sohail, I’m very tired. I shall speak to him later.”

    Sohail and Dimpy were in the same team & were best friends too. He always used to cover up her mistakes in front of their boss. He used to like her a lot and had often expressed it to her many a times through his talks, but she used to blatantly ignore him.

    “Listen, I shall drop you home today, you look very tired” Sohail offered.

    “OK Sohail,” saying this she got engrossed in her job. They both left for home together early that day. Sohail took out his bike from the parking lot and waited for Dimpy to come. They headed towards her home when after some distance, a little away from her home, Dimpy suddenly said “Stop. I shall get down here. If someone sees me with you, it would be a problem back home”.

    That day Sohail opened his mind to Dimpy. “Dimpy, why don’t you accept you like me too. We would make a great pair and prove that to your family too.”

    “Sohail, I like you, but I’m afraid this won’t work. It has been only a year of my dad passing away and I cannot take up this topic at home now. Please have some patience.”

    “I am ready to wait for you, Dimpy,” saying this Sohail kickstarted his bike and he waved a bye to Dimpy with a smile.

    No sooner Dimpy reached home, she smelled something sweet emanating from the kitchen and so immediately rushed there to find out. “Bhabhi, what’s cooking? What’s special today? Wow, I love this aroma, what are you cooking by the way?”

    “Ask your bhai, he will tell you”.

    “What, bhai? has he too reached early today? What’s the matter?”.

    “Dimpy, come here, Avi signalled her to sit beside him.”

    “Coming bhai!” saying this Dimpy went inside her room to freshen up. She was back within minutes. Taking the remote in her hand and switching on the TV, “Yes bhai, tell me, looks like your pre-birthday celebration has already started,” Dimpy giggled looking at me.

    “Dimpy, today we have invited some guests at our place late evening. They are coming here to meet our family and more importantly, you.”

    “What? What for”? Dimpy asked with an anxious tone.

    “Listen Dimpy, the guy is a known chap, I know him through one of my friends. He is coming here along with his parents to meet you with regards to a marriage proposal. If you both like each other, we can think of it.”

    “What are you saying bhai, what is this suddenly? You never hinted me about all this before! I am not ready for marriage yet. I wish to study further; you know I had been to college today to fill up the forms too.” She looked at her mother.

    “Ma, why all this drama, were you not aware too?”

    “Yes, I know Dimpy, this is just an informal meet, we are not going to get you married tomorrow,” Ma smiled. “You can finish off your studies and then get married. Meanwhile we can at least fix this proposal that has come our way if all goes well. They come from a very nice family background, Avi has enquired everything before inviting them home. So, you don’t worry. We won’t let you fall in wrong hands, my dear.”

    Dimpy was not at all happy with whatever was going around. She had no choice but to meet them as she was informed about it at the eleventh hour. The guy alongside his family reached at around 8.20 pm. After introduction to members of each other’s family, the guy insisted on talking to Dimpy separately. They shifted to another room and chatted for a while. Dimpy did not show any interest and just answered to whatever the guy asked. In some time, they left. Dimpy did not have dinner that day, she just went to her room, closed the door and stayed in isolation. Avi did not disturb her as he wanted to give her some space. He did not want to put any undue pressure on her.




    PART 3 : Marital Pressure


    It wasn’t the regular Dimpy today. She was silent, she hardly spoke to anyone at home after the previous night’s incident. Nobody asked her anything and were busy with their own chores as we all knew Dimpy would fire back if anyone bothered her.

    Dimpy had her routine breakfast and left for office early on her own without waiting for Avi. In some time, Avi too started for office, while leaving he asked Ma to speak to Dimpy in the evening once she returned home.

    Dimpy reached office early that day. Sohail was already in office too. “Dimpy, is everything okay? Why are you so silent today? “You didn’t wish a Good morning to anyone too”, Sohail was concerned.

    “Why should I, as if their mornings are good because of my wishes.” Sohail sensed something was wrong and decided to leave her alone. They met during lunch time, when he asked her again. “What’s the matter Dimpy? Tell me, if you feel you can share with me what’s bothering you.”

    Dimpy narrated the entire incident to Sohail. He felt that things were getting out of their hands now and that they should do something about it. “Dimpy, how long do we bear all this now? Your family will put pressure on you for marriage. Unless you disclose to them about us, this will continue”.

    “I don’t know what to do, I am feeling very restless now. It is not as easy as you think Sohail.” Dimpy left having had only half her lunch and headed towards her desk.

    That day Dimpy left for home without even waving a bye to Sohail. She reached home and walked straight to her room as she had a bad headache.

    In some time Ma walked up to her room with a cup of tea. “Dimpy, why are you looking sad, is everything okay”? Dimpy stared at her mom in anger and burst out on her, “As if you don’t know anything of what is happening here!”

    “What is there to worry, we are not putting pressure on you. Only after you give your full consent, we shall go ahead my dear,” consoled Ma.

    “Then I am not fine with this proposal Ma, please drop it.” Ma walked away from her room silently without digging any further.

    At night, Avi decided to have a chat with Dimpy on this topic. He calmly said, “I got to know from Ma that you are not happy with this proposal. OK we will not proceed further. But may I know the reason Dimpy”?

    Dimpy respected her bhai a lot, at the same time was also scared of him. She said, “Bhai, I told you I want to study further. I do not want to get into all this now. Please, do not force me. I am not ready yet”.

    Few months passed by but there was no escape from the topic of marriage for Dimpy. One after other, either Avi or Ma would discuss  some or the other marriage proposal with her and ask her to meet a guy. Each time Dimpy would make out some excuse of declining the marriage proposal.

    Her excuses would be like “Bhai, the guy said he has a transferable job, I am not willing to go outside our town leaving you all”. “Ma, the guy is very short, not even of my height, we won’t make a good pair” and the like. However, the guy she had met very recently was very handsome, fair, well settled in our own town and Avi and I were sure she would like him, as we too had accompanied her during the meeting as Dimpy insisted. But this time again, Dimpy drew some excuse to escape from the marriage.

    Things were not working as expected, Dimpy was of marriageable age now and Ma and Avi were equally concerned as it was more than a year that they were hunting for a prospective bridegroom for Dimpy.

    One Sunday Ma had a dental appointment and Avi took her to the doctor. It was only myself and Dimpy at home.  I thought of seizing this opportunity and speaking to Dimpy.

    “Dimpy, can I ask you something?”

    “Yes Bhabhi, what’s the matter?”  “Dimpy, I can see you rejecting even very good proposals coming your way. Is everything alright or……”

    Dimpy raised her eyebrows and in a low tone said, “Bhabhi, how do I tell this I don’t know, but I love someone, and we would like to marry each other.”

    I was so elated to hear this and I jumped out of excitement. “Who is he, why didn’t you tell this at home?”

    Bhabhi, am scared of bhai as to how he would react!”

    What’s there to be scared of Dimpy? In fact Avi would be happier that he doesn’t have to hunt a guy for you now,” laughingly I tapped Dimpy’s shoulder.

    Dimpy held my hand in hers, “Bhabhi, he is Sohail, we work in the same office. I want you to speak to Bhai about us please.”

    Hearing this I was taken aback and felt quite tensed too to discuss this matter with Avi. However I assured Dimpy to not worry and that I would find a way out.

    The next day after dinner when we went to our room, I discussed  Dimpy with Avi. He went quite furious on hearing all this and his anger knew no bounds. “How dare she love someone outside our caste and religion? So, this was the reason why she was refusing to every marriage proposal!”

    “Look Avi, do not react immediately. Let’s talk to her calmly tomorrow and try to understand the matter.”

    “Ashu, had our dad been alive, she would not have dared to take this step”. The whole night I saw Avi  restless and he could not sleep properly.

    The following morning Avi called for Dimpy and asked her if whatever he had heard about her was true. In a hesitating tone she exclaimed, “Yes”. After that I could only hear a loud thud.

    I went cold. Avi had slapped Dimpy so hard. But Dimpy stood before him like a rock. There was not a single tear in her eye.

    “Dimpy, you have broken my trust today. Ma, see this is the reason why I was hell bent on not allowing her for further studies, instead get her married off! See, this is the truth in front of you.”

    Avi snatched Dimpy’s phone, removed the sim card and stamped it in front of her. Dimpy was not allowed to go to work from that day. She wept but nobody listened to her pleas. All the ways of getting in touch with Sohail were cut off.




    PART 4 : Breach of Trust


    Two months passed by. Avi stopped talking to Dimpy. He could not even stand her. He had warned everyone at home to keep an eye on her so that she could not get in touch with Sohail.

    One day Ma walked up to Avi. In a worried tone, she said “Listen Avi, do not torture her more. She has agreed to forget him.”

    “You think I am torturing her Ma, and what she did is all fine!” Avi paid no heed to what Ma said further and just walked out of the house banging the door.

    The atmosphere at home was very disturbing. Things had taken an unexpected turn. The once smiling bubbly Dimpy had withered and lost her identity.

    However, deep down I knew Avi too was concerned for Dimpy as he loved her above all. But he could not digest the fact that she had breached his trust.

    After a week, Avi called Dimpy and in front of all of us he spoke to her. “Dimpy, promise me that you will cut off all ties with him and forget him forever.” Dimpy nodded and silently walked to her room.

    All these months Dimpy was at home, she had lost her earlier job. She was not allowed to take up another job but concentrate on her studies alone.

    One day when no one was at home, Dimpy walked up to Ma and cried like a baby lying on her lap. “Ma, I am not able to stay like this at home caged like an animal. No one is talking to me properly. What sin have I committed Ma”.

    Ma pacified Dimpy, “Everything will be fine my dear, don’t worry”.

    “Ma, can you please lend your phone to me for few minutes please. I want to reach out to Sohail. Please ma, I beg you.”

    A mom’s heart for her daughter melted. Nothing can compare a mother’s love for her child, it knows no law, no pity. She handed over her phone to Dimpy.

    “Sohailllllll, please take me away from her, Dimpy broke down on the phone.” Sohali was happy to hear her voice, at the same time was very upset upon hearing what was meted out to her. “Dimpy, I am coming to your home right away, now I am not going to listen to you, enough is enough.”

    “Sohail, please do not come over, if you love me, I shall be with you soon, just give some time”, saying this Dimpy disconnected the call and deleted the number from call history.

    Ma was hearing the conversation but was too scared to disclose it to Avi. She just wanted Dimpy to be happy. She could not see Dimpy in this state anymore.

    Following day early morning around 8 am when Avi was getting ready for office, there was someone knocking at the door. It was very unusual, someone coming at their door at this hour as the milkman and newspaper delivery boy had already come. Ma opened the door.

    “I’m sorry, I did not recognize you.”

    “I’m Sohail, Dimpy’s friend.”

    Avi was nearby and as soon as he heard this, he ran towards the door, pushed Sohail hard and warned him to never come here nor meet Dimpy.

    Dimpy came crying towards the door and yelled at Sohail to go away. “Sohail I told you to not come here, why did you, Dimpy cried incessantly calling out his name. Avi banged the door on Sohail’s face.

    Avi was shocked to hear what Dimpy said. “You spoke to him, is it? You had promised me you won’t. I don’t want you to stay here even for a moment. Go away”.

    Avi threw away all belongings of Dimpy along with her clothes from the wardrobe and asked her to pack the bags and leave.

    Ma stood numb. “Where would she go? Are you crazy?”

    “I don’t know anything. Your daughter is wise enough to think about herself and her future. Let her go anywhere, I don’t care. She will not stay with us in our house and that is final. I am glad Dad is not alive to see all this.” Avi roared.

    Dimpy tearfully packed her bags, hugged Ma and left. “Dimpy, where are you going? Are you mad”? Ma cried and pleaded her to stay back. Dimpy just walked without turning around.

    That day Dimpy was clueless where to go and all that came to her mind was her Uncle who stayed in the same town. She went straight to her uncle’s house who was the only savior.

    “Dimpy, what’s the matter”?

    “Can I come in uncle”?

    “Yes yes, please come in. And what is this luggage in your hand? Are you going out somewhere?”

    Dimpy narrated to her uncle and aunt about the entire episode and requested them to allow her to stay for few days with them.

    “Dimpy, this is your home, You can stay here as long as you want”, said her aunt.

    “Uncle, please can you call Ma and inform her that I have come to your place. She would be very worried for me.”

    “Yes, sure, you relax Dimpy”.

    Later uncle spoke to Ma and told her not to worry and that she is safe at his place.

    Within few days, Dimpy’s uncle knew how serious this was turning to. He helped her in getting a mobile phone and Dimpy assured she’d pay him back for the mobile soon.

    “What are your plans now Dimpy? It’s been more than 2 weeks you are here, what have you decided”?

    “Uncle, Sohail has just finalized on a rental apartment, the formalities are going on. We both shall be moving there in few days.”

    “Do you understand what you are talking. You both are not married yet, and you are going to stay together?”

    “Uncle, we will be having a registered marriage next week. It has been fixed a while ago by Sohail,” said Dimpy with her eyes wet.

    Her uncle was in a way happy to hear this as she will finally find peace and have a place to stay in.

    Dimpy contacted her Ma over a call the same day. “Ma, Dimpy here, this is my number, uncle bought this mobile for me”.

    Ma was inconsolable hearing Dimpy’s voice. “Dimpy, my dear, how are you? I’m so worried about you.”

    “Ma, don’t worry, I am doing better. Sohail and I are going to have a registered marriage next week and we will be moving to a rented apartment after that. Keep this to yourself. Do not tell anyone at home. You may break the news after our marriage.”

    Ma had mixed reactions on hearing this news, sad because she could not attend her own daughter’s wedding, happy because she finally found a home!




    PART 5 : Just Married


    Dimpy and Sohail finally got their marriage registered having their friends as witnesses. It was a happy moment for both.

    Sohail had hinted about this marriage to his family who were based in his native town and they were quite cool about his decision. Sohail had agreed that he would visit his native town along with Dimpy after their marriage. As promised, he and Dimpy headed to his native to meet his parents and seek their blessings. His family was overjoyed to see Dimpy and they welcomed her with open arms.

    Sohails parents insisted that they have a proper wedding in his family’s presence, and they planned for the same. Sohail and Dimpy had a grand wedding celebration at his native. She was dressed as per Sohail’s family tradition.

    Dimpy was never so happy before. It had been years that she had a hearty laugh with her loved ones. She missed her Ma and her family a lot. Sohail however assured her that things would be better some day and she wouldn’t need to worry.

    Sohail and Dimpy stayed for around for weeks with their parents. Those were the best moments Dimpy had spent with them. Every day seemed like a festival, all kind of royal food and sweets were prepared to pamper the newlyweds. Soon it was time to leave as Sohail had to resume office and hence they started for their home.

    Sohail and Dimpy were so happy with each other, the only missing part was Dimpy’s family who were not talking to her.

    Ma used to call up Dimpy and speak to her and know her whereabouts. By now everybody at home were aware about her marriage. Avi was okay with everything but he had told Ma that she should not come to their home.

    It was a routine for Ma who used to be in touch with Dimpy and Sohail regularly through phone. She even went and stayed with Dimpy at her place once for a months’ time. It was great union of mother daughter who had yearned for this moment since long.

    “This was the best decision of my life Ma, I have no regrets. Sohail does everything to keep me happy. What more do I need?”

    Ma was very happy to see her daughter having a happy married life. She blessed both and cried helplessly as she couldn’t invite them home.

    Sohail told Ma to not be sad and that she can come over to their place to spend time with her daughter whenever she would feel like.

    It was a happy moment back home too for Ma, as I was expecting my first child. I knew the happiness would have been doubled had Dimpy been home too to share this happiness.

    One day I walked up to Avi and said, “Why don’t you talk to Dimpy and give her this good news? She would be the happiest person to hear this”.

    “Ashu, do not talk to me about her, she does not exist anymore for me.’ Saying this he walked away.

    After nine months, we welcomed our baby girl Arya home. Our joy knew no bounds. Ma had given this news to Dimpy through phone, and she was very excited to hear this.

    With passing days, as the child grew, the whole family used to be very busy around her, playing with her and looking at her playful ways. Ma too would be engrossed with her grandchild all the time. The time had come now for Arya’s first birthday and Avi and I had decided to have a grand celebration.

    Avi had entrusted the job of preparing the list of attendees to me and Ma. So we both prepared separate lists and the total count went to almost 100, although it included only our near and dear ones.

    Avi had a glance at the list prepared by his us and both the lists had one name common, DIMPY ! He gave a curious look to both of us. This time however I convinced him to forget the past and invite Dimpy and Sohail as they were now leading a happy life and would be happy to meet Arya. Avi agreed to call Dimpy and he dialed her number from Ma’s phone.

    “Dimpy?” Hearing Avi’s voice she jumped out of excitement.

    “Bhaiiiiiii!” she was speechless, she didn’t know what to say, how to react. “How are you”?

    “I’m fine Dimpy, How are you? I have called to invite you and Sohail for our baby’s 1st birthday. Do come.”

    “Yes, yes definitely”, saying this she ran to Sohail to share this news. Sohail was surprised to hear this. He was happy to see this smile of Dimpy, that had gone missing from so many years. He said he wouldn’t be joining her, but she could go.

    “Sohail, please”.

    “No Dimpy, I won’t stop you, but please do not force me. Some wounds cannot be healed easily”.

    Dimpy understood where he was coming from. She was so happy to go to her home and meet her bhai and Bhabhi after so many years and more so their baby Arya.




    PART 6 : Reunion with Family


    Dimpy was restless, feeling anxious the whole night as following morning she had to go to her maternal place to meet her very own Ma, Bhai, Bhabi and their baby. She was so happy from the time Avi had called that she had done lots of shopping for her niece.

    The following morning, she woke up early, packed her bags that had lots of toys and tiny pretty outfits she had specially purchased for her niece. Since she was going after five years to her home and that too first time after her marriage, she had also bought a saree for her Ma and me, and a lavender shirt for her Bhai. It was such a wonderful moment for Dimpy that she had even called up her friends to inform that she was finally uniting with her family after so many years.

    “Sohail, I shall return only tomorrow. I will miss you, my love. These two days I shall live my entire life with my family.” Sohail smiled and was happy to see Dimpy’s face that was blooming with happiness.

    “OK my dear, not to forget, once you are back, we have to start packing for our travel next week.”

    “Yes darling, from next week am all yours”, saying this Dimpy bid goodbye to Sohail. “I shall call you once I reach home”.

    Dimpy reached home and everyone welcomed her with a smile. I went and hugged my longtime friend first.

    Suddenly Avi came from behind, “Come Dimpy, see your niece is waiting for you”, said Avi with a smile. “Where is Sohail?”

    “He had to go to office today for some urgent work”, said Dimpy hesitatingly.

    “Office on a Sunday?” Avi looked at me. I just signaled him to stay quiet. Dimpy ignored our talks and she immediately went to see baby Arya and lifted her in her arms.

    “Happy birthday baby, do you know me? See I have got so many gifts for you.”Dimpy was playing with Arya. She was overjoyed to meet her.

    The birthday party was to begin. All the family members whom we had invited had gathered. Dimpy was very happy to meet everyone.

    After some time Avi took Dimpy to our room and they both had a long chat. The feelings that were held tight since years were being poured out. The brother-sister relation bloomed yet again, and Ma was witnessing this silently from the other end of the room. Her eyes were welled up with happiness seeing them unite.

    Finally, it was time for Dimpy to leave the next day.

    I intervened, “Dimpy, wait for some more days, see Arya is so happy to see you.”

    “I know Bhabhi, but we are going on a bike trip to Himachal with our friends next Sunday. We are yet to do with the shopping as we need to carry thermal wear for both of us keeping in mind the climate out there. It’s going to be lots of fun”, Dimpy said smilingly.

    “OK Dimpy take care, ensure once you are back from the trip, you both come down for lunch at our place together.”

    “Sure Bhabhi, we will come soon.”

    Also, Ma signaled her to also take care of what she had told her. “Oh yes Ma, this will be our final trip, post which we will definitely plan to have a family”, Dimpy said laughingly.

    “Bye baby Arya, I will miss you, with this she kissed Arya on her cheek and hugged her tight.” It was an emotional day for all of us to have Dimpy back in our life. The smile on Avi’s face said it all.

    That day when Dimpy reached back to her home, she had lots and lots to talk with Sohail about the time she spent with her family. Sohail equally was listening to her patiently as he was not given a chance to talk.

    “Come Dimpy, time to sleep, we shall start our shopping from tomorrow.”

    “Hope you have applied for leave at your office Sohail?”

    “Yes my dear, I have applied for leave starting from tomorrow till we come back from our trip, so that we can do our shopping and packing at ease without any hassles.”

    “Hey that’s like my boy, love you Sohail, Good night”, and Dimpy soon went to sleep as she was tired and exhausted after returning from her Ma’s place.



    PART 7 : Journey to Himachal

    The day of their most awaited trip had arrived. Just before leaving for the trip Dimpy dialed my number.

    Bhabhi we are leaving today for the trip, take care, do give my regards to Ma and Bhai too, lots of love and hugs to Arya, byeee”.

    “Bye my dear, take care and enjoy”. My smile grew wider as I had regained my lost friend.


    Dimpy and Sohail were very excited about this trip. There were five more couple-friends of theirs and all of them had planned to meet at airport to head for the destination. They were to rent a bike on reaching Himachal to roam around places.

    The gang reached the beautiful destination of HIMACHAL! They then rented bikes for themselves and got started.

    Dimpy and Sohail’s happiness were beyond imagination as this was the time when they were roaming freely with a light heart with no stress on their minds at all. Both families had given them lots of blessings before this trip. They had met them and spent time with all.

    Dimpy was enjoying every part of biking in Himachal wading through the adventurous roads, high passes and the ride through the dense forests. They were not getting enough of its beauty as they passed by the lakes and the lush green. In the midst, the friends gathered at one place to visit the monasteries and temples that dot the region and charming mountain towns. They would then disperse again after having lunch and started their bike trips through the towns, old museums and palaces, the mountain ranges and valleys, and many more spectacular sights. The winding roads in Himachal added to their fun and they were enjoying every moment of it.

    Their twelve-day trip was coming to an end the next day. They all visited the last spot and were planning for their return journey back home. Before starting the group decided to click a group photograph together. They parked their bikes at one place, clicked loads of pictures and had a gala time.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Each day went as planned and on Day 13, they all started for their return journey carrying loads of memories from this wonderful place. Return journey was equally thrilling and challenging too. Each bike was on its own and they all met at a specific location as planned.

    Dimpy and Sohail were wading through a highway which had huge boulders on either sides. Suddenly from nowhere boulders started falling triggered by a landslide and they fell near Pangi nullah along Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The impact was so huge that their bike skid down the valley and they both were thrown apart. The other friends on bike were at a distance and had no clue as to what had happened to Dimpy and Sohail. The local people over there gathered in some time and search operations for their bodies started. Dimpy was found first as she had got stuck in some rock, her head was badly bruised. She was immediately rushed to the local regional hospital in Reckong Peo. Sohail was thrown deep down the valley and it took some time for people to take him from there. Luckily his pulse was beating, he too was shifted to the same hospital as Dimpy.

    The other biker friends who had gathered at the next planned destination found something amiss when Dimpy and Sohail had not reached even when others already had few hours back. They tried contacting on their phone which was answered by one of the local man. He was the one who had rescued them and alerted the locals to help in saving the couple. He informed them of the incident and all the friends rushed to the local hospital where Dimpy and Sohail were admitted.



    PART 8 : A Tragic End

    Dimpy was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Sohail was admitted in ICU in a serious condition. His head was badly bruised too. He had multiple fractures in his clavicle bone, and one of the fragments dislocated in his thoracic region. The doctors were uncertain, however they were doing all they could to save his life.

    One of the friends from the biker group said, “We will have to inform Dimpy’s family. I don’t know how to disclose the news.” Another one said, “We shall just inform that they have met with an accident and they need to come here.” One of the friends had Avi’s number and he dialed immediately.

    “Hello, Avi this is Shaan, friend of Sohail and Dimpy.”. Avi was busy in his office meeting when this call came, and he could not connect at first as to who was calling. Shaan further went on, “Avi, actually Dimpy and Sohail have met with an accident on our return trip from Himachal.”

    Avi could not understand clearly what Shaan said as the network coverage was poor. But he fairly understood that some accident had occurred. He called home and informed me about the same and told me to keep this to myself and not let Ma know about this now, else she would get worried.

    Avi left the meeting and started from office as he was not able to concentrate. He reached home but was feeling restless. The number from where he had received the call was now unreachable. He mumbled to himself, “I had warned Dimpy to not go on bike trip as it was not safe. But who listens to me? They are all matured now and can take their own decisions!”

    Later in about an hour or so, Avi got a call from the same number. He rushed to pick up the call. This time he heard everything clearly. The lines DIMPY IS NO MORE kept ringing in his ears! He went numb. He could not utter a word. He just kept looking at me and Ma and finally broke down.

    “Maaaaa! Our Dimpy has left us Ma. I spoke to her Ma when she came to our home. I had forgiven her Ma, why did she do this to us Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Avi was inconsolable.

    However, Avi had to control his emotions as he had to look for flight tickets to reach the local hospital where Dimpy’s body was kept after postmortem. I gathered courage and dialed our relatives to inform this tragic news. People from far and near started coming to our home on hearing this news.

    We decided to get her body home. One of our family friends also agreed to accompany Avi as it was not wise to leave him alone.

    They both left for Himachal the same night. What a plight this was! Never had anyone even imagined that we would have to see this day.

    Ma lay motionless on her bed, was not talking to anyone. I asked her to have something as she had to take her medicines, but in vain. I myself was inconsolable, let alone Ma, but I was trying hard to hide my tears in front of her.

    We were being informed of Sohail’s health by their friends. We just prayed for Sohail to recover. We could not save our Dimpy but at least Sohail! God please save him.

    Avi and his friend reached the hospital late night and recovered Dimpy’s body. They started making arrangements for the formalities required to carry her body in a flight back home. It was not an easy task and a good amount of time went in all the formalities.

    At 2am we received a call from Avi. Another deadly shock it was. SOHAIL HAD PASSED AWAY. We were all dumbstruck hearing this. All the relatives who had come to our house after hearing this news also could not bear this tragic end.

    There was pin drop silence. Avi’s aunty however said, “See this is true love, they both are together now.”

    How true, I felt. Yes this is true love. Dimpy and Sohail are together again. What more can one wish for !

    Sohail’s family who were in their native had reached the hospital too. The new of Sohail and Dimpy’s death sent shivers across his family too.

    Sohail’s family requested Avi to not take Dimpy’s body home but bury both of them in their native town. Avi agreed and said, “I won’t separate them ever. Dimpy please forgive me. You won my child, you proved what true love is”.

    The following day both their bodies were buried in the same grave next to each other. What an ETERNAL LOVE this was. All the family members of Sohail were present for the funeral including Avi and his friend. Ma and I did not travel since Arya was a baby and I could not leave her alone. For Ma, she did not want to see her daughter in this state, she had said.

    The burial was done as per Sohail’s family tradition. Everyone offered their prayers to the inseparable loving couple. The mourners who were present threw three handfuls of soil onto the casket. This meant, “We created you from it, and return you into it, and from it we raise you a second time.” At that time, family members lowered the casket and the grave was filled.






    *agarbattis – incense sticks - a thin wooden stick covered in a substance that is burned to produce a pleasant smell, especially as part of a religious ceremony

    **Bhabhi – sister-in-law


    Author : Kavita Iyer

    Born and brought up in Mumbai, Kavita developed  the passion of writing poems while in college. Her poems used to get published in college magazines and newspaper columns which motivated her to go for more. She also has an inclination towards writing short fictional stories and shayaris. Tell me your story platform has only helped her to keep her passion alive.



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