DEVI: A Talk Series

    DEVI: A Talk Series

    Moderated by Haimanti Bagchi


    SATYA: The Revelation of Truth

    A panel discussion to explore the new released crime stories, the characters, the plots and the revelation of truth. The topic of divine revelation, has been a long standing and central focus in philosophical discussions, has been deep rooted in our culture and our discussions over morality. Sometimes the revelations are manifested, whereas some revelations are non manifestational. In short, the mortal life revolves around a paradoxical dialectic of simultaneous veiling and unveiling of what we call truth.

    Speakers: Vish DhamijaRicha S. Mukherjee & Anirban Bhattacharya


    VINASHA: The Destruction and Reconstruction

    This panel will discuss the role of women in contemporary and historical narratives. The topic of destruction comes from the concept of impermanence of life and the endless cycle of ying and yang energies. One always gives rise to the Other and in each One, there is the Other. In daily life, our bodies keep shedding and regenerating cells all the time. But more consciously, we keep building and rebuilding our lives, relationships and interactions periodically. Everything changes – some things fast, others over a period of time. Invasions of setbacks and periods of sadness are inevitable; people come and go, the landscape of life undergoes many changes. But what stands out as a concurrent theme of life is Vinasha; the destruction, and reconstruction. How have women contributed to this process, in historical and contemporary society?

    Speakers: Richa Lakhera and Mona Verma


    PARIVARTAN: the Transformation

    Chhinnamasta is "a figure of radical transformation, a great yogini". She conveys the universal message that all life is sustained by other forms of life, and destruction and sacrifice are necessary for the continuity of creation. The goddess symbolises pralaya, that is cosmic dissolution, where she swallows all creation and makes way for new creation, thus conveying the idea of transformation. Transformation in the contemporary world is going beyond the way you live, co-creating a better life for yourself, and changing the way you live through  your thoughts, visualization, words, faith, actions, or a combination of them as a result of the experiences you gather in day to day life.

    Speaker: Namrata Poddar


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