TMYS Review - September 2021 themed on MIGRATION, RESETTLEMENT & DISPLACEMENT: The Movement driven by FLOODS is the sixth issue of TMYS Review carrying poems, short stories, essays and digital interviews of twenty nine delegates comprising of renowned authors, journalists, artists and professors from India and beyond.

The project engaged the audience with a network of entities contributing towards Flood Relief and Victim Rehabilitation, raising Environmental Sensitivity.

TMYS Review September 2021, launched in collaboration with the Environmental Humanities Center, Amsterdam. We humbly acknowledge the partnership and the contributions of Prof. Petra J.E.M van Dam and Joelle Koorneef in making the project a success.

TMYS Review September 2021 also features a digital exhibition curated by INA PURI (writer-art collector-film maker) with the photographs by renowned Bangladeshi photographer, ABIR ABDULAH. These works are copyrighted and available for presentation under the purpose of this project only. None of them can be reused without the permission of the photographer.


Project Lead: Dr. Prasun Chatterjee

Project Assistant: Moumita Pal, Antara Roy Bhattacharjee (poetry)


Our Sincere Thanks to

The Environmental Humanities Center

Prof. Petra J.E.M van Dam

Joelle Koorneef

Dr. Prasun Chatterjee

Ina Puri


Abir Abdullah


Editorial by Dr. Prasun Chatterjee

Abstracts and Excerpts



When the Flood Stops

Poet: Chaitali Sengupta

Boons and Banes

Poet: Megha Mazumdar

Floods of Despair

Poet: Dr. Chitra Thrivikraman Nair

The Empty Nest

Poet: Rutuja Pradhan     

The Deluge

Poet: Punam Sharma




Myth, A True Story

Author: Ankita Dutta

Still They Rise

Author: Shyamolima Saikia

Baba’s Old Steel Box

Author: Subhankar Dutta




Morality and Flood Narratives in Indian Mythology

Author: Neil Nagwekar

The Aquatic Wrath – Portrayal of Flood in Indian Cinema

Author:  Tishya Majumder

The Journey of Human Prosperity Signalling Devastating Floods

Author: Mita Banerjee





The history and geography of floods: the emotional, psychological and economic aspects of rehabilitation.

1.  Floods in rural Bihar & the victims of policies - Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Sayanangshu Modak 

2. River governance and politics in India - Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh, Sayanangshu Modak 

Books on flood: role of literature in generating victim sensitivity.

3. The Sound of Water: Death, Displacement, Disaster - Sanjay Bahadur,  Aisik Maiti

4. No One Had a Tongue to SpeakCollapse of the Machhu Dam - Dr. Utpal Sandesara, Tom Wooten, Aisik Maiti 

5. The Unquiet River: Moods and Mess of the BrahmaputraProf. Arupjyoti Saikia, Dr. Prasun Chatterjee

Children's literature and illustrations raising environmental concerns in young audience.

6.  Pattan's Pumpkin (children's book with illustrations) - Chitra Soundar, Deyasini Roy   and Moumita Pal

7. Surviving Floods: Children's True Stories - Elizabeth Raum, Deyasini Roy

Representation of flood and victims in art.

8. Graphic Art for Flood and flood-affected - Pinaki De, Sonal Pandey 

9. Floods, Suffering, Message and Context in Global Filmography - Nandini Bhattacharya,

Aditi Thakur, Dr. Suchandra Ghatak 

10. Floods, Destruction, Displacement - can the Faculty of Film Studies make a difference? Prof. Erin Espelie, Megha Mazumdar

11. Poetry of floods and environmental activism -  Sumana Roy, Nishi Pulugurtha,  Shelly Bhoil, Deyasini Roy

Religion and flood

11. Teachings from Flood Stories in Religious Texts: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism -Prof. Pankaj Jain, Koral Dasgupta

Role of youth and academia in flood management and/or raising consciousness

12. Creative Writing & Environmental Empathy - Prof. Derek Gladwin, Protim Sharma

13.  Art for Aide: Creative Brains in Action  - Ravi Dhingra, Nguyen Dao Nhat Dan, Aniket Jibalwad, Dr. Protim Sharma

Real life narratives of suffering and survival.

14. Memories from Disastrous Indian Floods: Amphan (West Bengal), Kerala, Mumbai, Patna

Dr. Priyanka Tripathi, Kiran Manral, Nidheesh MK, Antara Roy Bhattacharjee

15. People. Kindness. Cooperation. Flood Memories and Heartwarming Stories

Dr. Neena Gupta Vij, Dr. Nasmeem Farhin Akhtar, Anu Lal, Ankita Dutta

16. Rescue and relief by the Armed Forces - the stories, the systems and the challenges

a. Navy - Capt. D.K. Sharma, Capt. Rajkumar, Koral Dasgupta

b. Army - Brig. BD Upadhyay, Dr.  Dev Nath Pathak

c. Air Force - Air Vice Marshal  Rajesh Isser, Antara Bhattacharya









TMYS Review September 2021