TMYS Review - June 2021 themed on MIGRATION, RESETTLEMENT & DISPLACEMENT: The DIASPORIC Movement is our fifth issue carrying short stories, essays and digital interviews of twenty delegates comprising of renowned authors and professors based in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Australia.

TMYS Review June 2021, launched in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, makes a conscious attempt to engage scholars with the nonfiction stories of the contemporary era and compile stories of migration and resettlement by the Indian diaspora in the UK, the  US, Canada and Australia. This work is important because we believe that personal stories, about a place or time, are also important contributors through which history can be recorded and even understood. Philip Neilsen talks about such records as “history that does not pretend to be empirically verifiable”.

It is our endeavour to create a better understanding of the Indian diaspora and add to the existing repository of the official and state sponsored documents (on the condition of the Indian diaspora in these countries) with the lived experiences of such people, and find out if they corroborate or undercut the official versions. We have tried to find out their experiences as individuals and as a member of a community living away from their country of origin.

The stories and essays in the DIASPORA issue are further contributions towards such investigation.

Project Lead: Dr. Sourav Banerjee

Project Assistant: Chandna Singh Nirwan, Deyasini Roy, Ilhana Katoch


Our Sincere Thanks to

The University of Birmingham


Mr. Dipankar Chakraborty


Editorial by Dr. Sourav Banerjee

Excerpts of Stories


Author: Samina Hadi-Tabassum 


Author: Rushati Dasgupta

Mom in Minneapolis

Author: Shivangi Singh

Rajvir's Friend

Author: Mita  Bandyopadhyay   

Aloo Posto

Author: Sanchaiyata Majumdar   

The Meaning of Life

Author: Indranil Adhya

Aloo Posto

Author: Sanchaiyata Majumdar   

Dear American Descendants

(A letter to my flesh and blood a hundred years later)

Author: Prof. Nandini Bhattacharya 

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Abstracts  and Excerpts of Essays


Title: Quest For The West – An Essay On Migration Due To Ambition.

.Author: Dr. Sanchaiyata Majumdar

Title: Exploring The Diasporic Consciousness And Diverse Identities In The Indian Diaspora: A Transnational Perspective.

Author:  Rushati Dasgupta

Title: Indian Diaspora -  Reconfiguring The Precepts Of English Literature.

Author: Mita Bandyopadhyay

Title: The Unmoved Movement – Indian Diaspora.

Author: Megha Mazumdar

TMYS Review June 2021 - The Indian Diaspora Project