This section is for individuals, groups or companies (referred further as CLIENT) who need a story to be put into words.


Below are some standard pointers which could be useful. Please read the information and fill up the form to approach us formally.


1. Each book, like each storyteller, needs unique services. The specific vision of each client and the requirements of the manuscript hence, will be noted and agreed in advance over email.

2. We have the provisions for working from scratch or engaging at a developmental or  mature stage of the manuscript.

3. We provide end-to-end services, from conceptualisation of the project to pitching/publishing. You can avail all or select your preferred bouquet.

4. We structure the timelines right in the beginning and stick to that. If the Client needs to take a break in between for any unavoidable reason, it needs to be communicated in advance. (We will understand if it is an unforeseen emergency.) Else the service-hours dedicated for a client is wasted, which we cannot afford.

5. An usual manuscript takes three rounds of reading writing and editing before finalising, unless agreed otherwise.

6. We DON'T work on formatting illustrations or thesis. Right now we are NOT accepting manuscripts with illustrations, graphic books or poetry. We ARE accepting works on the content for coffee-table books and corporate biographies, among other fiction/non-fiction/academic writing.

7. The charges would be communicated in writing after we have a basic understanding of the work that will be put into the manuscript and the time it will take. 60% of the agreed costs need to be payable in advance, 20% before the second round of reading and 20% after completion.