Season 13

A Six Month Intense Personalised Workshop

for Manuscript Development & Publication


If you have a story to tell,

We will help you sail..


Workshop Duration: 6 months

Workshop Fees: INR 50,000 + GST

(USD 800 for applicants outside India)


From September to December, we accept registrations for our 6 months workshop.

The FAQ below will clarify more.



I.   Who Can Register?

  1. Those who need help in fine-tuning their manuscripts (written in English, between 30,000 to 50,000 words) and making it publication-ready.
  2. Aspiring writers who wish to initiate writing under expert guidance.


II. What shall we work on?

  • Develop storytelling skills with each unique voice.
  • We are open to work on both fiction and non-fiction. All genres are welcome - from thrillers to self-help, mythology to biography, etc. This workshop is not for poetry, but we help our participants learn and weave lyricism and poetic idiom in their prose if their story demands so.
  • Creating a story that readers love and finalizing a manuscript that publishers love.
  • Developing the author profiles.
  • Helping participants understand the target market and developing a marketing plan.


III. What is the Structure of the Programme?

a.  REGISTER with all necessary details. Application formalities are mentioned in section - IV.

b.  Registrations will be accepted between September to December 2023 only.

c.  The workshop will begin within a week of the participant completing the registration.

d.  The workshop will follow an online model including classroom interactions, regular tasks and revised submissions. More details in section - V.

e.  We expect sincerity and regularity from our participants.

f.   At the end of 6 months, we will proceed towards the PUBLICATION OF THE MANUSCRIPT. This, however, is not compulsory - the participants can opt out of this and choose to publish their manuscript elsewhere.


IV. What are the Application Formalities & Programme Fees?

Registration fees: INR 59,000/- (inclusive of taxes) for participants in India. USD 800 for participants outside India

Submit the following with an email to

  • an updated bionote of not more than 100 words
  • payment receipt against the application fee
  • how do you expect this workshop to help you specifically, in your writing journey


A successful application is subject to the payment of the application fee and submission of all the necessary documents stated above.


Mode of Payment

• For participants residing in India: 

Bank details:

Tell Me Your Story OPC Pvt. Ltd.
A/c no : 059685800000177, Yes Bank.  Branch - Shankardhan Plaza Junction,  MM Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400080, IFS Code : YESB0000596.


pay via Paypal - interest charges extra. (You don't need a Paypal account, this allows you to swipe a card.)

• For participants residing outside India and foreign nationals:

Email us at for the Paypal link.


*** The Programme Fees are non-refundable.***


V.  What's More?

a.  Discussions will be held for participants via email and classroom sessions to improvise the manuscript. Participants should be prepared for feedback, guided research, constructive suggestions, constant rewriting and revisions.

b.  Reading suggestions, interactions and learning exchange.

c.  The manuscripts will be considered for paperback and ebook publication ONLY on successful completion of the workshop. If mentorship sessions are missed, manuscript is not developed appropriately, the participants are unavailable to work on the manuscript, etc. – we will not be able to proceed towards publication.

d.   After successful completion of the workshop:

  • TMYS will take no share from the royalty of the participant-authors or from any other earning that comes to them in lieu of their book.
  • The participants will be invited in various capacities for various TMYS projects.
  • The participants will be connected to relevant professionals who can add value to their book-goals.






Dr. Somrita Urni Ganguly


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Koral Dasgupta


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For queries, please email us at

Kindly excuse us if we do not respond to queries that are already addressed here. We expect the applicants to read the above thoroughly.






Participants registered from India, UAE, USA and West Indies.

The books are available via Amazon now.