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January 15, 2021. 3 - 3. 45pm IST.

The Winter Conspiracy

The influence of winters in the crime world - both fictional and non-fictional.How the hush of winter can be used to establish the grit and fear and the metaphoric use of winter in crime writing. Real life cases like Nirbhaya - which occurred in the peak of winter. 

In conversation: Vish Dhamija, Damyanti Biswas, Manjiri Prabhu and Kanchana Banerjee


January 15, 2021. 4.15 - 5pm IST. Dashing Through The Snow - Laughing All The Way

Humour in popular media is a need now, given that we are quick to take offense as a society. We need to take things lightly and laugh for our own sanity. Is there enough reinforcement with and for humour in popular media? Is ‘comedy’ being taken seriously? 

In conversation: Kiran Manral, Amol Parashar, Naomi Datta and Richa S. Mukherjee


January 15, 2021. 5.30 - 6.15pm IST. Women in Khaki.

Women in the 'man's world’! Experiences of being or dealing with women in uniform. How women specifically add value with qualities of compassion and patience in grilling administrative roles. Why do we need more women in police forces and how can the feminine force contribute towards strengthening the social framework of the country?

IPS Vrinda Shukla and IPS Dr. Khyati Garg in conversation with Koral Dasgupta


January 15, 2021. 6.45pm IST. Frozen Reels: Memories from Cinema.

Images of winters in films. From nature to music, overcoats to shawls, the romantic use of the season to its dark depictions – winter has created its own stories on the celluloid. This is less of a discussion and more of a memorabilia.

In conversation: Dr. Suman Ghosh, Sathya Saran and Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri.


January 16, 2021. 3 - 3.45pm IST. Atmospheric Fiction: Where and How to Set Stories

The ambiance, the location, its culture, the season, the weather – elements that play a crucial role in creating the backdrop of a novel. What is the ‘backdrop’ anyway? How does external elements add critical value towards the foundation and establishment of the story.

In conversation: Saikat Majumdar, Jane Borges, Himanjali Sankar  and Subodh Sankar.


January 16, 2021. 4.15 - 5pm IST. Wintering, Reading, Reviewing.

Memories of reading books in winter. How to effectively read a book? How to notice certain literary and social aspects while travelling through a story? How to read between the lines and understand the metaphors? How to assess the symbolizations? How there is an universe of language and presentation for each unique book?

In conversation: Dr. Prasun Chatterjee , Chinki Sinha, Dr. Rituparna Chatterjee  and Deep Halder.


January 16, 2021. 5.30 - 6.15pm IST.  Colours and Covers of Winter.

How winter (or nature) influences book cover designs, some covers that must be remembered in this context, modifications in marketing plans for winter releases, colours that work or don’t work for any particular season, and more.

In conversation:  Pinaki DeTeesta Guha  Sarkar and Srushti Rao


January 16, 2021. 6.45pm IST. Winters and Global Literature.

Winter as an element of nature has influenced prose in the past and in contemporary writing. Various authors have employed winter in explaining characters, mindsets, moods, economic and social instabilities and more. The global artscape has also seen generous cinematic/theatrical adaptation of literary texts – the reading and viewing of stories of winter.

In conversation: Dr. Tom Lutz, Nabila Jamshed, Joy Sengupta and Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh




January 8, 2021. 3-3.45PM IST. Recommendations for Winter

A session for and by book lovers. The Winter Retreat presents three booklovers - Sudipta Saha, Nazneen Kachwala and Purnesh Bhattacharya - sharing their recommendations for winter-reads, reminding of books where the plots/covers are set in winter and discussing how elements of winter impacted the stories of their choice. In conversation with author, Tanushree Podder.

January 8, 2021. 4.15 to 5PM IST.  Winter in the Classroom

How nature influences literary expressions, the winter poems/prose that inspires teaching and writing, and can nature-writing be taught… 

In conversation: Dr. Nandini Sahu, Dr. Nirmala Menon and Dr. Sourav Banerjee.


January 8, 2021. 5.30-6.15PM IST. Shawls & Scarves: Evolving Women's Narratives

Women authors and women' narratives from the yester-years where literature opened minds even when society was closed. Has the narrative changed? What is the contribution of the panel (and other contemporary writers) in taking that narrative forward. How would another generation of writers evaluate or take further, from the present body of work?In conversation – Mona Verma, Harshali Singh, Atima Mankotia and Sutapa Basu.


January 8, 2021. 6.45PM IST. Winter Winds and Poetry

The verses of winter. The sound, the fragrance, the chills and above all, the human connect. How does winter speak to us? What songs does it sing? What words does it leave behind on barren trees? How do verses symbolise a season? How does the pen encapsulate the turn of the months? This and much more... Feel the frisson as you sign into this virtual winter retreat. In conversation – Sudeep Sen, Fiona Sampson, Abhay K. and Vinita Agrawal.

January 9, 2021. 3-3.45pm IST.  Indian Winters: Mythology, Politics, History

The inaugural panel of The Winter Retreat will build on various historical episodes from the winter months. Anand Neelakantan will  bring up sections from Indian mythology and folk lore. Tuhin A. Sinha  will remind of significant occasions and events from Indian politics. In conversation with Dr. Mahul Brahma


January 9, 2021. 4.15-5pm IST. Real Life Chills.

The pressure, unpredictable developments and catch 22 situations at top management levels – how were such experiences in the profession and how were they dealt with?

In conversation: Joy Bhattacharjya, Ajay Mankotia, Shomini Sen and Deepak Chawla.


January 9, 2021. 5.30-6.15 IST. Shadows of Winter.

How winter (and nature) has been used to induce fear in horror stories - traditionally and contemporarily; the stereotypes of winter in horror writing; the possible experiments than can add to the narrative. 

In conversation: Kiran Manral, Neil D’silva, K. Hari Kumar and Anirban Bhattacharya.



January 9, 2021. 6.45pm IST. Lyrically Yours: Poetry for Popular Culture.

How winter has been used in films and ad films? The poetry of nature in popular media and how they influence personal creativity.

In conversation: Raj Shekhar, Azazul Haque, Faridoon Shahryar and Devarsi Ghosh