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Open to all short story writers.

Please Note:

We are looking for stories set in or based on the North East of India. This could be about one of the capital cities from the region or an unknown corner that no one has heard about.

Project Lead : Yuma Narah  (scholar, Arunachal Pradesh)

The cousin from America took a night super and planned to go by ferry — but first insisted they stop to get fried fish.


Set in the North-East of India – for January 2021



The kingfisher conjures up an image of North-East India. Eight different states identified as a homogenous civilization. However, in reality it accommodates a distinct, diversified culture of its own. The songs of a kingfisher are as rare as the stories from North-eastern hills. What's rare is invaluable and so when the kingfisher sings, everyone is mesmerized.

We are looking for short stories set in the North-East of India; stories that are compelling, upbeat and honest. Moving away from the dystopian narrative, we invite you to share the tales that put forward an opportunity to discuss the nature, culture, people and perceptions of the region. The stories should be based on ONE of the story prompts shared by the five raconteurs, as mentioned below.


The RAconteurs


S.Mitra             Dipannita              Shri Balmiki         IPS Vrinda         Mamang      Kalita                Sharma                  P. Singh                 Shukla                Dai

As the young officer entered the borders, he could not help but notice hundreds of sacks of paddy rice stacked on both sides of the road.

The club was abuzz with summer activities. Children and parents crowded everywhere, checking the schedule for the cultural programme. A little girl, barely 8, was ready to play a 70 year old with betel stains allover her mouth. The retired professor looked away, trying not to laugh.





Story Guidelines:

1. Choose ONE of the story prompts shared by S. Mitra Kalita, Dipannita Sharma, Shri Balmiki Prasad Singh, IPS Vrinda Shukla or  Mamang Dai

2. The stories should cover either or more of nature / culture / people / perceptions of the region.

3. The stories can be fiction or non-fiction.

4. Any submission that does not adhere to the theme will be shifted in the list of general submissions for the website.

5. Word count : 2000 - 3000 words.


The Rewards:

1. Fifteen best stories will be published into a digital anthology. A selection from the rest will be published on the web collection of www.tellmeyourstory.biz

2. The profits (80% of the proceeds from the digital book) will be distributed equally between the contributing authors of the anthology.

3. ONE winner from each Story Prompt will get the chance to interact and discuss their stories with the chosen Raconteur over a live session, post declaration of the results.

4. Excerpts from selected stories will be highlighted on social media, all through the release of the issue.

5. All winners will be announced in March 2021 on the social media handles of TMYS: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.


Submission Guidelines:

1. While making a submission, mention in the subject line :

the title of the story, <name of the Raconteur> and NE-India 2021.

For example (if the title of a story is Dreams and you have chosen the prompt by Dipannita Sharma):

DREAMS, Dipannita, NE-India 2021.

2. All submissions should be emailed to tmys.stories@gmail.com, attached as word file, with subject lines as indicated above. Each submission should include the contributor's introduction (150 words). An HD photograph (jpeg or png only) should also be attached in the same email.

3. All submissions should use Calibri/Times New Roman, font size 12; font size 16 for headings and font size 14 for sub headings if any. Line spacing : 1.5

***Only original and previously unpublished work will be considered.***

4. A participation fee of INR 200/- (USD 2.72) will be charged per contribution. This is a non-refundable fee, but we will do our best to cooperate in case you have made an error that can be corrected to help you resubmit.

In each such case, the editor’s decision will be final.

Our bank details:

Tell Me Your Story OPC Pvt. Ltd.
A/c no : 059685800000177, Yes Bank. Branch - Shankardhan Plaza Junction,

MM Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400080, IFS Code : YESB0000596.

Post making the payment, please send a mail at tmys.stories@gmail.com to register yourself.

***Registration doesn't guarantee publication***

5. Simultaneous/multiple submission for different Story Prompts will be accepted, with separate fee for each submission.

6. Decision of the authors/editors will be final.

7. Last date of all submissions: 30th January 2021

Contact for Queries: write QUERIES in subject line and send us an email at tmys.stories@gmail.com

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*** Cover Image Credits***


Ruddy Kingfisher image : Rofikul Islam.

Rofikul is a keen bird photographer from Assam, a tour leader at Kaziranga National Park

Images of S. Kalita Mitra and Shri B. P. Singh are from their website.

Image of Dipannita Sharma is provided by the actor. 

Image of IPS Vrinda Shukla and Mamang Dai are from Google.



The sound of the gun shot echoed through the hills. She ran out to the balcony where she had been enjoying the morning mist just moments ago. A small sparrow lay crumpled on the floor.

When the news broke the town was thrown into turmoil. Who broke the news? What was happening, when, where?

The questions were prompted by the appearance of a nameless stranger who passed through these mountains and valleys for a brief season every year.

‘Come on, what are we waiting for?’ ‘Let’s go!’ A young man shouted.

The people of the town looked at one another. Some hung back but others took up the cry and soon a crowd had gathered. ‘Let’s go,’ they cried, eager to greet the return of a visitor who arrived like a messenger from another world carrying words and letters and all manner of thoughts, scattering them like seeds across the land.